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A Business Argument For Off-the-job Safety and Medical Emergency Awareness 

In most industries, off-the-job injuries VASTLY outnumber on-the-job injuries, yet all the resources are spent on preventing on-the-job injuries. 

The New Realities are: 

  • Every injury has a tremendous ripple effect. Organizations pay for injuries and medical emergencies wherever they happen. Most emergencies happen off-the-job and while millions of dollars are spent on preventing on-the-job injuries, little or nothing is spent on preventing off-the-job injuries. 
  • If organizations do not invest in prevention, they will continue to invest aggressively in failure costs. In the past, emphasis was placed on managing injury, illness and disability. The future is prevention. 
  • 20% of a health care plan's cases account for 80% of health care expenses. If the expensive 20% of the cases can be reduced by awareness, many of the problems and costs such as cost containment, cost shifting and return to work programs will be reduced. 
  • Organizations can manage their own destiny by seeking out and addressing the cause of their benefit costs. 

In this entertaining and informative talk, Martin will give you examples of injuries he has attended and how easily these injuries could have been prevented. He will point out how these injuries affected the bottom line of the employers of the injured people. A business argument for off-the-job safety and medical awareness will show you how your organization can operate as a profit centre.


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