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Martin Lesperance

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Martin Lesperance - safety speaker

I Won't Be Into Work Today!
Preventing Injuries at Work, Home and Play

For many organizations more people are injured off the job than on the job. In this talk Martin makes it very clear that injuries hurt and cost no matter where they happen. Safety has to be a 24 hour concern in order to pay.

Martin uses many real-life situations with stories of emergency incidents he has attended. Each story is highly entertaining but more importantly, there is a critical safety message with each an every story. A message employees will take to heart and remember for a long time.

In this dynamic talk the following points will be made very clear with memorable stories:

  • Why we must "think" before we act

  • There is always a "ripple effect" after an injury occurs

  • Even a small fall can have devastating results

  • Why Unsafe=Selfish

  • Why not wearing PPE has made devastating changes in peoples lives

  • Driving is one of the most dangerous positions you can put yourself in - you must drive safely and responsibly

  • The 50 year old Weekend Warriors shouldn't play sports as if their livelihood depends on it (great for the aging workforce)

These are just a few of the points made in the talk. If you have other concerns you want addressed, in most cases, Martin can add these to the talk.

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