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  • 20 years as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic/EMT...and still working as one!
  • Safety Speaker and Best Selling Author of:
    • "Safety Tips That Will Save Your Butt" - Real Life Examples From A Fire Fighter/Paramedic.
    • I Won't be into Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play.
    • Kids for Keeps – Preventing Injuries to Children
    • What Do You Mean I’m Stressed – Recognizing and Managing Your Stress.

For the past 11 years Martin has designed and delivered hundreds of safety programs for a broad range of industries. He has spoken across North America at numerous safety conferences, banquets, and has delivered many in-house talks for quarterly or annual safety meetings.

But Why Martin?
What it is it about him that makes safety memorable?
Stories – Real World Stories!

What Works?

Messages that are memorable and stories that stick!
Martin makes safety easier to swallow; his stories have a lot of humor and reality. People like stories and they are best told from someone who was there in the heat of the moment. Martin has first hand experience dealing with illnesses, injuries and fatalities.

In fact, you might think some of these stories are so bizarre that he made them up. Unfortunately these stories are all true. People see themselves in the stories. We all know how close we come to injury

“I’ve had people come up to me a year later and tell me they remembered one of my stories and the point I made with it. I’m proud of that because I know when this happens, they are thinking about safety.” – Martin Lesperance

Does your Company Need a Safety Speaker with a Message That Lasts Long After the Speaker?

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What People Are Saying:

“Thank you for the terrific and powerful safety message you delivered to our employees and customers. I’ve gotten many compliments and strong feedback about how much more aware they now are of the consequences that seemingly trivial actions can have on safety… You have a great style that rivets people’s attention by combining humor with the seriousness of safety… I have no doubt you will have saved some of us from serious injury due to your fine presentation.”
Warren D. Smalley, President and CEO, New Mexico Mutual Casualty Company

“I thank you for your exceptional presentation at our site safety meeting. You captured the attention of our employees and drove home the point of how important safety is every day of our lives. Your method of combining the seriousness of safety with your humorous approach conveys the message very well.”
A.P. Hankins, Vice President, Huntsman Polyurethanes, West Deptford, NJ

“Your session was truly inspiring and was very popular with our delegates. Some of the comments are as follows.
-I was afraid to leave for the washroom in case I missed something
-very humorous way of dealing with very serious issues
-super speaker who really knows his stuff
-wonderful story teller
-very dynamic speaker
-fantastic. I learned so much

I am increasingly amazed by the impact you made on our audiences.”
Laurie Hokanson, 2001 Employee Development Conference, Edmonton, Alberta

“I want to thank you for making our Ninth Annual Celebrate Safety Banquet truly an event to remember…The message you have to present is one that the construction industry will truly benefit from.”
Michael T. Abeln P.E., Chief, Construction Division, U.S Army Corps of Engineers

“I want to extend our thanks and appreciation for the inspiring safety talks you provided us. We have had excellent feedback and many people have reported that your session has created a new level of safety awareness in their daily lives… The success of your talks are directly related to the everyday examples you used and to which people could relate, the connection you made with both the emotional and humorous side of safety.”
D.J. Fennell, Imperial Oil Resources

“Those who heard Martin speak are asking that we have him return to speak on another topic next year. His delivery blended humor and his own professional experiences to create an unforgettable safety message. Month’s later employees are still telling me they thought of Martin while they were “fixing” something at home.
Maryann Grodecki, Aventis, Swiftwater, PA

“What can I say? The reviews were without a doubt, full of high praise that you can be proud of… Words to describe your presentation were “great presentation…had my full attention all the time…passionate.” I can only say thank you which hardly seems to be enough words.”
Elaine MacEachern-Pierce ,WCB, Prince Edward Island


Martin Lesperance - Firefiigher Paramedic
Martin Lesperance

Firefighter/paramedic, speaker, best selling author

Martin Lesperance
Ph: (403) 225 - 2011
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