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Martin Lesperance is an entertaining safety speaker who deals head-on with the topic of workplace safety.

His humorous style and light-hearted approach effectively convey the message that safety is vital.

A professional keynote speaker, Martin has presented at conferences, facilitated workshops, and spoken to countless associations and corporations throughout North America.

Employed as a professional firefighter and paramedic, this best-selling author will demonstrate safety tips and drive home information that will prevent injuries, both on and off the job!

Industrial safety is a critical topic for his corporate clients. Worker injuries account for a large part of employee benefit costs.

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Thus, fire safety, home safety and even school safety have become vital ingredients for a healthy corporate bottom line.

So, let Martin improve your corporate well being by providing a healthy dose of home and workplace safety tips as well as information to help prevent injuries and accidents.

Contact Martin now for an entertaining and motivating boost to employee safety. After all, a healthy employee is a productive one!

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  marin lesperance, firefighter, paramedic, safety speaker, best selling author
Martin Lesperance
Firefighter, Paramedic,
Safety Speaker,
Well Known Book Author

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